Friday, September 5, 2008

pink saturday :: hugs

i sure need some GREAT BIG HUG today!
(though i think my husband needs it more than i do)

i'm sorry to the other pink ladies whose site i was not able to visit. i'm pretty "tied-up" to daddy's little girl. making sure she does not disturb her dear daddy from studying.

the big day is on sunday. and all the sundays of september. i can already feel the 'tension'. so please, please be a sweetie and kindly include him in your prayers - that his mind be rested, his body energized, and his spirit inspired to pass the bar exam.

thank you everyone!

happy pink saturday!

something's brewin'...

...inside this bag.
i just hope i'll be able to finish it soon -
for a friend i met thru my other blog.