Friday, December 4, 2009

red dress

the shirt --
a gift that kuya received from his favorite tito.
along with 2 other shirts with fantastic four prints.
barely used.

every time i tidy up kuya's closet i'd stare at this shirt.
been toying with the idea of making it into a dress for ate.
but i'm having second thoughts coz the print is not girly.

anyhoo, i still went on...

as always, my model is always happy for "mama made". :D
i think this is my first time to make a dress for her with sleeves.
glad it turned out fine even if the neckline became a suuuper scoop neck for her.
:D ttfn!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

stuffed bread rolls

hotdog and cheese stuffed bread rolls.
kid friendly afternoon snack.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

pink saturday :: flowers

few of the pretty little pink "perk-me-ups" from our teeny tiny garden.
Here's hoping your saturday is good.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

finger puppet

Kuya and i made four finger puppets for his art project using construction paper, pelt, marker and lotsa glue. he's a naruto fan so we he made...

meet naruto, gaara, sasuke, kakashi.


what do you think? pass or fail?

Friday, November 6, 2009


craving caved in.
scooped 1 cup sticky rice.
soaked it in water for a few hours.
added kakang gata and salt.
wrapped 1/4 cup malagkit and 1/2 cup (or more) liquid mixture.
steamed for 30-45 minutes.
opened the banana leaf.
savored the taste of... heaven!

a native kakanin from bicol.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

pink saturday :: look at me, me, me...

i'm three, three, 3!
i'm as happy as i can be, be, be!can you see, can you tell?i'm a very, very happy ME!

pink birthday cake for my little pink lady!
happy 3rd birthday, sweet baby doll!

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There's a halloween party going on.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

pink saturday :: hat

nothing much.
just decided to try decorating something with this ribbon.

i took out this pink hat that my sister gave me.
and wrapped the black with pink grosgrain around it
to add some life.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

pink saturday :: necklace

dearest pink ladies,

please take a look at the pink necklace
that mom crocheted for me.
here... have a closer look :D.
pretty, yes?
we forgot to take a picture
but sometimes
i wear it as a wristband.
cool, huh!
it's like having 2 accessories in one.
i forgot.
please feel free to get some pik-nik.
it's my favorite munch.

little pink lady

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Happy PS!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

pink saturday :: cozy

i made this for a sweet friend...
in her favorite color combination - brown + pink.
because it turned out great, i made more...

in a set of four

so she could use the brown + pink piece,
and her husband could use the brown + blue piece.
his and her's cozies!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

pink fat pig

cute and funny packaging.



site says... "Fat Pig is a totally organic milk chocolate bar and is currently available in one flavor: delicious. It has none of the bitter aftertaste of regular milk chocolate nor is it cloyingly sweet: it’s just pure, creamy excess!"

whoa! "delicious" flavor? i'm already salivating! i like!

Friday, July 31, 2009

pink saturday :: buddy

when my seam ripper is nowhere in sight,
i rely on my trusted buddy - the pink cutter.
there it is, together with my other sewing buddies!

it was with me when i made my first shoe stuffer.

it was also with me when i made this for my youngest.
see... i made a mistake there *toinks!*
good thing my trusted buddy is always to the rescue.

yes, that was supposed to be a shorts!
as patterned from this little pinky .

that dyed blue cloth is from my shirt dress that i cut short.
i didn't want it to go to waste so i made it into a....
awww... she's happy with her new dress!
we're the same!

thanks to my little pink buddy.
my sewing misadventures almost always come to life because of you.
i love your pinkness and usefulness!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OW #2 :: serenity

I was on my way to my son's school to fetch him.
I reached the village early.
The day was gloomy.
I took my time and slowed down.
I stopped and took this shot.
What a nice view!
That body of water is a large lake - Laguna Lake.
The largest lake in this side of the world.

After that shot, I went on and drove slowly.
While the car was moving, I took a shot of this model house.

Loved how it looked!
The effect.
The colors.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

great news... free ebooks galore!

if you're a fan of ebooks, this one is for you...

Friday, July 24, 2009

pink saturday :: quilted love

my first swap.
i was giddy and excited.
but it never came.
i figured... it was christmas season,
must have been lost in limbo
and landed onto somebody else's lap!

but ain't my partner the sweetest?
she sent a replacement!
it's not her fault,
but she wouldn't take NO for an answer.
she wrote... "I hope the recipients get it soon (one of these is a replacement and it had better get there this time!)"

well, i think the courier heard her, got scared, and delivered this to me...

i can't believe that i actually have something from Simplicity. i frequent this site for free tutes and sewing techniques. and now, i have in my hands, one of their products because of her generosity. AND... can you see that pink fabric?

it's actually this...

it's a quilted tote bag in pink+brown on one side and orange+yellow on the other side. so it's like you have 2 bags in 1. she made it in my favorite color combinations. my husband saw me taking a picture of the pink+brown side - "nice"! then he went out. when he came back, he saw me taking a picture of the orange+yellow side. - "huh?! 2 bags?". me? i'm just so happy that i have a pink quilted bag from my partner! because i still can't figure out how to make a quilt. yes, i cant. maybe i will, one day.

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come... play with us

... in our humble playhouse. yay!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

outdoor wednesday #1

my first outdoor wednesday.
please say hello to my little friend.

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a piece of this and that

look around, take a peek inside my world...

before anything else, can i just say that i "frosted" this sliding french door, for a little less than php20.00? been meaning to have it frosted when i started accumulating "junks" inside the room. i wanted to hide the things inside from everyone who comes in. it's the first room that visitors would see and what an impression that would be! sometimes everything inside is spic and span but with just a snap of a finger, everything returns to its normal state - chaos! (is that normal for someone who crafts?) one time, i tacked a cloth there so nobody would be able to see what's inside. but i got tired of it and got rid of the "curtain". sometimes, i keep the window blinds closed so it would be dark inside and the mess would be hidden. but closing it makes the foyer gloomy. in my mind, the best solution is to frost the glass to keep the room "mysterious" without darkening the room. however, every time i go out, buying frosted film sheet always slips my mind.

so, while waiting for that permanent frost to happen, i could use some temporary frosting. one saturday, after breakfast, i went inside and saw this white japanese paper that came with other junks that my husband brought home. an idea flashed! i remembered when we visited my BIL's brother somewhere in kawasaki, a looong time ago, one of their french doors is made of white paper (i don't know what kind of paper) instead of glass. i was surprised and amazed! i can't remember anymore their reply when i asked why it's made of paper but i'm guessing now that maybe because of frequent minor quakes in the area. anyhoo, you'd probably guess what happened next...
thank you for spending a minute there. now, let's get on... that french door leads to my first favorite space in our house - the craft/study room. i think it's pretty obvious why i love this room. i can't remember anymore how many curtains, slip covers, other sewing projects, school projects, and kid's activities were done here. i can stay here the whole day doing something or even doing nothing! just recently, this room went online. another reason for me to stay inside :D. though sometimes, once i'm inside, instead of sitting in front of the pc to surf, something else, a project , or a paper work, would catch my eye and surfing would take a backseat. i wish i could show you what's inside but it's a mess right now. two little "kittens" went inside and wreaked havoc while the "cat" was not looking! maybe some other time, when my dream craft table and cubby holes storage are already in place - then it would be something to brag about. but since it's a mess right now, let me bring you to...

... my second favorite place.
  • ... this serves as an extension of my crafting mess!
  • ... more than the living room, this is where you can find us for the most part of the day. not because we are always eating but because this seem to be more airy and cheerful, aside from it being the center part of the house
  • ... this is where we sit to watch TV
  • ... a door leads to the lanai where i have a pocket garden, and
  • ... i love sewing covers for those dining chairs!
... if i want some peace and quiet, a quick break, i'd go up and laze around in our terrace. from there, i could see birds passing/flying by, my small front garden, our mini-vegetable garden and fruit trees, wild grass - nature!

this is where i jog (sometimes). i also love taking pictures of the sky/clouds from there, and sometimes fireworks too at night! the double rainbow and smiling moon were taken from there.

sometimes, when it is raining cats and dogs, you'll find my 2 boys there, taking a shower under the rain while playing catch, tag or water gun. they always have a blast everytime. this is also where we relax a bit after dinner, before going to bed... our little place of heaven under the sun (and moon :).