Saturday, June 27, 2009

pink saturday :: toadstool

i made a pink toadstool that quite resembles the designs in her notecards. i was inspired, my hand was itchin' to sew, so i made this...

i could not wait to buy a leather band, so i just crocheted something because i was so excited to see how it would come out.

here's the size...
[1 blue square=1 square inch]

yes, i also made that cute red toadstool. because of its cuteness, i'm thinking of making a magnet, applique, hair pin, cake topper, pin cushion, and who knows, maybe even a village for sweet gnomes! i wish :D.

it can be used as a cellphone charm

or a bag charm

oh! did you notice that tiny pink flower together with the two toadstools? i bought it few years ago. it is also a charm that can be used as a bracelet charm, purse or cellphone charm.

Happy Pink Saturday!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

finding nemo

when she saw kuya's bed she went "mami, let's go fishing!" oh, we can do that baby. so, mami looked for a blue grocery bag, and some materials for our fishing trip (stick, magnet, string, papers, paper clips, pen, scissor). we're gonna make this an educational fishing trip. i made sure i drew different sizes in different colors with letters on one side. when everything's ready, she started fishing for a big fish, small fish, yellow fish, red fish, A fish, C fish, etc. she had loads of fun!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pink saturday :: handmade goodies

because i was filled with happiness,
using the grosgrain that i received from a friend

i made something...

for me and for the little girl (belt) ...
hopefully, one day, i'd be able to open a shop for my handmade items
*lovely notecard is from the swann*smerlin shop

now, if only that little girl's dress
to which this grosgrain should have been used could wait.


Happy Pink Saturday!
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Friday, June 12, 2009

pink satruday :: happiness

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i was just expecting the black grosgrain with pink stitches.
was pleasantly surprised when these laid before my eyes.
didn't expect i'll be getting these eye-candy that i've been admiring at her shop.
not to mention these "pieces of her"!
and this yummy choco for my kiddos.
from the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing good cheer to me on that gloomy day. the text on the chocolate box said it well - truly, you are a purveyor of happiness. i may have sent many thanks to you thru ems, but really, words are not enough to describe how i felt when i received these loveliness.

Happy Pink Saturday!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

hungry shoppers

Simple chinese restaurant that serves affordable and good quality chinese food - thats Le Ching. I think, you've never really been to Greenhills if you haven't tried Le Ching. Never mind the ambiance though, it's the food that matters.

The hungry window shoppers gobbled on these after several hours of going around...

:: house specialty spare ribs rice toppings ::
:: braised beef rice toppings ::
:: siomai ::
:: siopao ::
:: and the best chicken mami ive ever tasted! ::
:: iced tea was good too ::

:: their chili garlic sauce - the best!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

pink saturday :: goodbye summer

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... goodbye kite flying!

pink plastic flying :D

... goodbye homemade popsicle
cookies and cream, mango, choco, orange?
take your pick.

Happy Pink Saturday!
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