Saturday, January 30, 2010

pink saturday :: wrapping paper

needed to wrap something for a little girl.
i spotted these pink papers.
these are rejects from my brother's printing press.
i asked him to bring me some rejects
for the kiddos to doodle and cut.
 but hey, it is pink !
i sure can use it to be creatively frugal.
so i taped 4 pieces together and wrapped the gift like this...
cut several circles and did this...
and this...
placed a tape at the back...

and voila!

i think that turned out pretty neat.
what do you think?

in time for the season of hearts,
a heart shaped tag can be used instead of circles.
Happy Pink Saturday!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

pink saturday :: birthday party

waiting... while holding her pink gift bag for the birthday girl

tinkerbell birthday cake with pink flowers and butterflies
pink glitters and more...

and... voila!
pink flower glitter tattoo for the little lady...

hers (pink flower)
mine (pink lady bug :D)she was okay, giddy and happy...
until...the clown in pink came in.
first time to see a clown.
she was scared and won't leave my lap.
she only warmed up when the clown gave her this balloon flower...
and because she's not scared anymore,
she had another glitter tattoo -
it's mickey mouse this time.
and even posed for mommy...
and had another one on her leg - it's tinkerbell!
how cute is that?
the loot bag with pink flowers...
with pink bag inside...
she went home happy...
and won't let mommy "erase" her body art - until now!

Happy Pink Saturday!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

pink saturday :: wrap-up organizer

i received these goodies from a swap partner.
i was so excited to open the envelope
when i saw that it was from japan.
i HEART everything japanese!
look at all these crafty and sewing notions!
our swap is focused on something handmade.
she made this awesome wrap-up organizer
with pretty little details in my favorite colors.

the front...
the back...
the inside...
it's pink !

i'm now using it as a birthday/important dates reminder.
really japaNICE. isn't it?

Happy Pink Saturday!

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Stay safe everyone!