Monday, June 22, 2009

finding nemo

when she saw kuya's bed she went "mami, let's go fishing!" oh, we can do that baby. so, mami looked for a blue grocery bag, and some materials for our fishing trip (stick, magnet, string, papers, paper clips, pen, scissor). we're gonna make this an educational fishing trip. i made sure i drew different sizes in different colors with letters on one side. when everything's ready, she started fishing for a big fish, small fish, yellow fish, red fish, A fish, C fish, etc. she had loads of fun!

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Anonymous said...

:-) Any kid would love that bed sheet. I love Nemo and I enjoyed watching the movie - very colorful.

OI, tsaka Mommy na Mommy ka talaga. :-) Not only was it fun, but you made it sure to be educational as well :-)