Friday, December 4, 2009

red dress

the shirt --
a gift that kuya received from his favorite tito.
along with 2 other shirts with fantastic four prints.
barely used.

every time i tidy up kuya's closet i'd stare at this shirt.
been toying with the idea of making it into a dress for ate.
but i'm having second thoughts coz the print is not girly.

anyhoo, i still went on...

as always, my model is always happy for "mama made". :D
i think this is my first time to make a dress for her with sleeves.
glad it turned out fine even if the neckline became a suuuper scoop neck for her.
:D ttfn!


Anonymous said...

Hello Bette,

I wish I could sew, I wish I could really sew! :-) YOu are one creative gal.

'YUn cheese and bread roll. Ummmm egg ba yun pinagsoakn mo tapos i ro-roll sa cheese (yung crunmbly part sa labas?). Nagutom ako hehehehehehehhe Gusto ko i try.


Anonymous said...

Hello again! :-)

Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year, Bette!

'yun yarns pala:
shade 30 = 14 ; shade 32 = 8 ; shade 1 = 7

I hope wala akong natapon kc binilang ko lang ‘yun mga tags :-)