Sunday, October 5, 2008

pink saturday :: ouch!

first, let me thank everyone who helped me pray for my husband when he took the bar exam. sorry i was not able to visit you last month. but i'm back, and i'll make sure to drop by your site.

and here's my entry for this saturday...
my little girl's "ouch" that she got when she was accidentally pushed by her playmate while playing outside our house. good thing this pink band-aid was in my kit to cover the wound after i cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and application of an ointment.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Patricia said...

This is precious. The pink bandaid is much needed for little ones, especially girls. Happy Pink Saturday!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Bette. I hope your husband did well.

I am loving this bandaid. I know it must make everything better. I have a bandage on my leg now, but it isn't so pretty.

Stephanie said...

Oh how sweet! I need band aids like that!!

Lovely crochet!

Happy Pink Saturday!


CC said...

I've never had such a pretty band-aid. Happy pinks.!!

Ed said...

Happy Pink Saturday, love the band aid ..

vintagewindow said...

A perfect band aide for little girls.