Saturday, November 15, 2008

chinese food

dad and i made a quick trip down the hill and had lunch here...

since it was just the two of us,
and i skip lunch most of the time,
i just ordered these...

yang chow fried ricedad said, this is better than mann-hann's yang chow

lemon chicken
i'd say fooyiu's is a lot better!

chicken feet
it's dad's favorite.
i do not eat chicken feet.
but when i tasted the sauce,
it's masarap!

i asked the waiter what's their specialty - seafood daw.
i took a picture.
dad and i were so curious
as to why the fish were positioned like that.
did you notice?
one fish on the left side and the rest on the right side.
ah... care to humor me and caption the last pic?

King Bee Chinese Food
Marcos Hiway near cor Sumulong Hiway
Antipolo City

cost of the food above + 1 bottomless iced tea (php515.00)

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