Friday, April 24, 2009

pot holder from shoulder pads

i'm itchin' to sew something. hmmmn... let's make something useful out of unused shoulder pads.

unused shoulder pads
scrap fabric
trace and cut
a little detailand... tadaaa!
i lovet!


MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Hello. Hilig mo talaga sewing? :-) Ako I wish I have a sewing machine lol. YOu are very clever.

Sa strawberry jam, I really don't have a brand of choice kasi feeling ko parehas lang. The difference may be on whether you like yun buo pa un strawberry or hindi :-)

Bakasyon pala little boy mo. Speaking of the weather, palagi makulimlim and then the rain pours hard in the afternoon. Kaya hindi cya masyado makapasyalpasyal. Hanggang kelan bakasyon niya?

JenMeister said...

Great :) I'm searching for ways to upcycle shoulder pads, thank you!