Saturday, May 30, 2009

pink saturday :: birthday!

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Really glad I stumbled upon this site. I was looking for a "pink" version of the Blue Monday and this site popped out. There were quite less than a hundred participants then. But look now, we've grown! I can't believe it has been a year of Pink Saturday fun already! Happy Birthday to PS and thank you and congratulations to Ms Bev for hosting this fun saturday meme.

Before we start the celebration, let's have some breakfast first...
{grilled cheese, a cup of hot coffee and pink fabric for my daughter's bumper guards}

And let's put on some make up...

... get the compact powder
... open it... then put some on the face
... a little moreand... smile!
then... enjoy!
... and gobble!Are you done? How was the make up? Tasty? :D

{I was working on something, the little girl was watching barney with her snack on the side. when i looked at her... OMG!!! What have you done? Did i clean her, wipe her, get mad at her right away? NO! I.GRABBED.MY.CAMERA.AND TOOK PICTURES! :D Again, who could resist this pink fun!? It was a pink strawberry filling after all. And she was wearing a top with pink flowers too! Please, do tell me I'm not a bad mama.}

Okay then, if you're done with the make-up, it's time to blow our birthday candle...
{ a pink candle that my birthday daughter blew the moment she woke up}

And eat some ice cream...
{my current favorite - pink berry strawberry}

After doing the rounds, celebrating the Pink Saturday Birthday, it's now time to relax. Let's soak our tired hands feet in these pink rose petals with warm pebbles underneath...

{a relaxing day with my friend.
we pampered ourselves on her birthday.
spent 2 hours inside
Footlose Foot Spa. }

So there... I hope you had fun.
Happy Pink Saturday Birthday!
Please visit How Sweet the Sound and celebrate with us.



mythoughtsmyvoice said...

Lol. Oh Bette. When you said powder and I saw what those little hands were holding - well, it's not powder
Puno na ata nang strawberry filling yun mukha. San niya kaya nagaya hhhmmmmmm :-)

Lakas ulan dito pero kuha pa rin ako nang strawberry ice cream :-) At tsaka foot spa with rose petals? What a great way to relax.

Happy PS!


♥Mimi♥ said...

With our little PINK SATURDAY having a birthday this week, I am on "pink overload" and that is difficult to do to me! I'm lovin' it like crazy!

What lovely pinks this week you have, my dear. The better to see your through my rose colored glasses!☺

Have a great weekend. Not all that warm up in my neck of the woods but the sun is out and that makes the day good. I hope you are surrounded by those you love and that you, too, are bathed in sunshine.

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

How cute she is! Adorable!

~ Gabriela ~

Melissa Wertz said...

Oh that was wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday!

someplace in thyme said...

that is just the best, isn't it, enjoy, they grow up was too fast, happy pink saturday, Char

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

she is sooooo cute! They grew up too fast! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

Claudia said...

Love your post and your daughter is absolutely adorable! Happy Pink Saturday!

Suzie Button said...

What a sweetie little girl you have there! You are definitely NOT a bad mama either! What FUN! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

She'sSewPretty said...

She is so sweet. I would have grabbed the camera too! Happy Pink Saturday. That spa looks amazing!

Dru said...

Very sweet pink pics, thanks for stopping by and visiting. Happy Pink Saturday!!

suesueb said...

that's so funny-i would have had to laugh too! i made the dress by cutting two of the pattern and sewing around the neck and arms. then, i turned it inside out and hemmed each one sometimes separately and sometimes i iron the hems up and sew them together. good luck trying-it's good to have reversible clothes when they go out and maybe get dirty. happy pink week!!

Beverly said...

Bette, I love this post. Your little pink princess had me giggling. And, don't worry - you are a good mommy.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Beansieleigh said...

Now that was CUTE!! What a beautiful little girl you have! Happy Pink Saturday to you both, and hope you're having a wonderful week!