Friday, November 19, 2010

my little pink fairy

it's been a while since the last time i did pink saturday. been helper-free since middle of april. after 11 years, finally it's just "us" - our family. all five of us. yes, i asked for it. even if that would mean sacrificing lots of "me" time. blogging and sewing especially. i wanted to live simply and teach the kids to be responsible, learn to do household chores, and be independent.

anyway, on to this week's event. my entry is a thumbelina - yes that's what she said she is - costume that i made for my little one for her schools halloween party.

i managed to whip this up, 3 hours before the 8:00 am party. my plan was to let her wear one of her floral dresses + wings. but... creativity and sewing mojo came in early in the morning and so this came about...

she was very happy and been thanking me endlessly on our way to the party. the smile on her face... priceless!

she merrily joined the games like... pinning the nose on pinocchio...
 finding "under the sea" treasures...

and shooting apples inside the pumpkin...

thumbelina was very happy and filled her bucket with lots of treats from other parents. unfortunately she got sick after the party and mom did not allow her to enjoy the candies she got :(.

now, she wants a "purple dress with belt" for her. just like june's dress in little einstein.

it's nice to be back.

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Susie Jefferson said...

And it's lovely to see you back!

What a fabulous dress - you did a brilliant job, and I can see your darling was the belle of the ball.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Jacalyn @ said...

Aww, how lovely is she? Too cute and I bet she had a blast! I am your newest follower.

Happy PS,

Jean said...

what a great costume! Love it. Happy P.S.

fiberdoodles said...

She is just adorable! Happy Pink Saturday!!

Maggie said...

Welcome back! She is just lovely! And what a cute little costume for such a little cutie!

Sorry for the late visit- I think of busy Saturdays as a "Pink Weekend" since it takes me that long to visit everyone!

Happy belated PS!

In shoes we trust,
Maggie Mae@
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Gracie Jewellery said...

she's a cutie. Happy Pink Saturday. Hey I'm having a giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bette!

Musta? Parehas pala tau nawala sa mundo ng mga blog LOL Nakaka admire 'yun hand on mommy. Someday, I would like to experience being just that. It'll be hard but I think it'll be all worth it too.

Cute and dress. Parang ang enjoy my little girl na gusto rin magdress up :-)