Thursday, July 2, 2009

baby steps

... scissor
not quite 3, i'm a bit apprehensive to let her hold a scissor. but for quite a number of times, when she sees me holding a scissor, she'd run up to me, paper in hand and pretends to cut the paper with her fingers - "tsitsor, mommy". one time, i gave in. after a deep breath, i handed her a small tsitsor, more papers, sat down together and taught her how to use it. we both held the paper in one hand while her another hand maneuvers the tsitsor from the bottom going up, from right to left, until...success! a piece of paper! and i tell you, there's no stopping her!

she's cutting bits of papers in various random shapes. i'm trying to teach her how to cut papers by following a line or a shape but she's still impatient. so i let her be.
she's cutting scrap fabric

and she snipped her hair too! yikes!
i turned my back for a while and when i looked at her again, there were strands of hair on the table! goodness gracious! so far, after that hair incident, no accidents yet. hopefully none will come.

... sewing machine
when she's done "cutting", and sees me in front of the machine, she'd sit on my lap and touches everything she sees. she helped me do a project. she sewed with me, with both our hands guiding the fabric through the machine while sitting on my lap. I'd like to see the day when she steps her way to using that machine all by herself.

she even helped me stuff it.
our teamwork yielded this.
thank God, we made my swap partner happy.

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