Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tweet, tweet

been meaning to sew a coaster. i can use thick scrap fabric or old thick clothes. then my sister sent a box full of old clothes. some of it were sent to the province, and some, well, i saved them, for future repurposing. two small sized corduroy pants were included in the saved items. i saved them with this in mind. when i saw it, i made a mental note to make one. it's just sooo cute!

okay, so i went ahead and cut 5x5 pieces. the upper portion was saved for chiko's shorts when she gets older :D.

then i made a pattern for the tweet. not quite like the chirpy pattern but still a bird. traced it on to the fabric and sew along.
i fell in love with the bird! it's chubby and cute, yes?

i proceeded making the project, used poly fiber batting to give it some body and to add thickness to the coaster.

my plan was to have a bird on one side only but i was stupid, and sewn a gap when it was already done. of course the other side was sewn too! grrrr! so i ended up sewing the bird again. i was quite pleased though that it gave an embossed look.
here's the other side.

i did not stop with the bird. i made a flower pattern. but because of excitement, (or stupidity, again?) i used ballpen instead of pencil to trace it onto the fabric. and i used a different thread color and a different stitch. it came thin, so naturally, the ballpen traces were evident.

hmmn... never mind those boo-boos. more coasters came along. another flower was requested by chiko and the car (that looked more like a pig! :D) was requested by kuya .notice the bird? the first patttern was lost by the little one. i made another one but could not quite duplicate the original so i ended up with a pregnant bird with tails!

i was able to make 6 pieces.

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